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As a freelancer I work both in agency settings and directly with clients. I work in many different roles: designer, director, producer, writer and animator, just to name a few. I thrive when collaborating to build something creative from the ground-up, but can work within existing styleguides as well. While most of my work is commercial, I also produce animation and visual effects for feature films and motion graphics and design for small charites and non-profits. It is my goal with every project to communicate effectively and work collaboratively to create something dynamic that both the client and I love. 


2D Animation

I primarily work in After Effects as a generalist for motion graphics and animation, but I also employ traditional and stop-motion techniques. I recently learned puppet rigging using DUIK and have been working on my character animation skills- it's very fun! I'm also brushing up effects animation chops- I recently traditionally animated some hand-drawn slime for the Kid's Choice Awards.

Design & Illustration

I can design and illustrate in a wide range of styles, including hand-drawn and vector. My personal style is line-based and expressive. 


Directing enables me to shape a project from conception to execution. With experience in various processes, including design and animation, I'm able to facilitate a fruitful exchange with collaborators and foster a holistic style of production.  


Being involved at the beginning of a project when the seed of a story is planted and the script is forming allows me to style and design the best boards for the job.  


I enjoy creative compositing jobs where I'm aiming to achieve a certain look or build a new world. I also like the puzzle of hiding the little mistakes left behind in live-action shoots. 

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